He Tore the Veil

Hi Everyone!

Happy Weekend! Ok so I’ve been quite busy with this and that and a few birthdays at the beginning of this year and other crazy stories that just keep getting thrust on me from some of my peers. I would like to request prayer from my readers that follow my blog for divine protection since a few of my peers have been in some close shave incidences where one was in a tragic car crash that nearly killed her and she should have died but by God’s protection she was safe. This was during that snow storm we had a couple of weekends ago. And I also have a colleague that has her mother-in-law that also needs prayer and intercession because she recently had a severe stroke and there seems to be a delay in her having an operation. which is creating complications since she is bleeding inside her head. The family needs divine protection. I also need it too however, I just want to put these people forward first. I hope all of you in my blogging family are safe wherever you are. I was just driving down a highway with blizzard like  winds that terrified some of the drivers that were on it. All I could do was pray in tongues and believe me, prayer works in any situation you find yourself and God can protect you when you need Him. Trust in the Lord with all your heart especially for the coming days after the 21 Day Daniel Fast. The battles start from here on out and it will begin with tests of endurance, test of faith, test to remain on the path. Obey God’s voice over every man.

Anyway, I have a wonderful vid that I’d like to share with you all. It’s about the Veil that once was that barrier between God and Man in the Jewish Temple built by Solomon. It is said that No one could simply enter behind the veil because behind it was the Holy of Holies (Father God) and only the people who were of the Levitical priesthood could enter in provided that they had satisfied the purification protocols to enter in. This veil symbolized a barrier of relationship between God and Man that was placed there because of Sin; however, after Jesus came, that barrier of relationship was Torn away at Calvary which restored our relationship with God for eternity. God is a God of relationship and He longs for intimacy with us that He sent His begotten Son to die for us so that we could all be reunified as Sons of God for all eternity. Enjoy this video and have a Happy Sunday everyone! Stay Blessed Always.

18 thoughts on “He Tore the Veil

  1. The angel of the Lord encamps around and about them that fear Him and delivers them. (para. Psalm 34:7) My prayers are with you, and those you mentioned. BTW I love this post! The veil in the temple was torn in two. How awesome! We can go straight to our Father.


    • Thank you so much for your prayer and scripture Liz. Uplifted my soul today. I’m also glad you liked the post. When I saw this video it really put a lot of perspective for me in regards to the Veil being torn at Calvary. I never truly understood it’s significance until now. Had to share it with others. It’s amazing what God is to Us and knowing that He is always for US even when we don’t know that He is there is an amazing mystery that He has revealed to me. Stay blessed Liz and thank you for your prayers once again. Your posts always uplift my spirit and take me to places in the Lord that I never even considered before. 😀


  2. Father in heaven, I pray for your healing touch on sis. Sherline, her peers and all concerned. Wherever there is anything out of balance, set it in perfect working order.
    Heal any disease, illness, injury, infirmity, or weakness. Strengthen sis Sherline’s body to successfully endure her workload, and when she sleeps may she wake up completely rested, rejuvenated and refreshed. Give her a strong heart, Lord. Amen!

    Thanks for sharing Sherline. God bless.


  3. Oh, praise be that the veil WAS ripped so that we may sit with HIM in the Holy of Holies, in familial intimacy reminding us that God originally created us to “walk and talk with Him in the cool of the evening.”


  4. Hi Sherline,

    I will join you in going boldly to the throne of grace, that you might obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need! God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think! God bless you! Continue to hold to God’s unchanging hands!



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