For those suffering emotional baggage. This is such a great Post shared by Slik of Daily Aspects.

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  1. Recently, through blogging and Bible studies at my church, I am turned over some more emotinal baggage and sent it off on His train! I really DON’t have to continue “standing up for myself”: He is my shield and my sword!


  2. Funny you write this because on Sunday that was one of my prayers during service, wow glad to see there are other’s praying for the same thing. So many people have masks on and we have no idea, I’m glad they will have hope!

    I have nominated you for the ABC award, it’s a fun little award and I’m so excited to see what you will write!
    God bless


    • Thanks Nadie for the nomination. I am surprised yet again to all these awards I have received this season during and after the fast. I will definitely come back and complete the award when I get the chance. God bless you! Also the Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways and brings People to think and pray in one mind at times across the globe. No limits to what God can do that’s for sure 😉


  3. I am on a break and writing my new post titled if I can bring back time, when I am stuck and read this new post of yours I am a bit emotional coz lots of memories coming back while writing it, this is timely at least able to lessen what I feel now…


    • This post is a guest post from Slik’s blog at so I can’t give myself credit for it butI must say that it has such a powerful message that I had to re-blog it. I glad that it blessed you with some inspiration.

      May God heal all that was broken and restore you to a life filled with fulfillment and Joy. God Bless You Will of Heart 😀


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