Extra! Extra! Read all about it! ~ New Blog Unleashed!

Hey everybody,

First and for most I have been so blessed by this blogging world. I never thought I’d ever commit to it but as I have continued, God has opened my eyes of expressing myself in this awesome new way. I thank all that have been following my posts and commenting. I wasn’t sure where I was going with this Blog journey. I started off a bit random but I now know that I can use it as an evangelical tool to share my Faith with you and others. I have since decided to keep this main Blog that way.

Having said that, I have now decided to make a sister blog to this main one. It’s called Ramblings of a Creative Mind. I decided to make a new one since the nature of this one has seemingly become more of a spiritual journey blog and I wanted one where I could write up my random rants on different topics and write poetry and what not. Please subscribe to my sister blog once you have the chance. I am keeping this one open and will use it as my spiritual meditation blog and the other will feature another side of me.

Stay Blessed everyone and I Welcome you all on another Journey with me as I dig through my creative brain.

From Yours Truly,


12 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read all about it! ~ New Blog Unleashed!

  1. Outstanding choice, Sherline! i have been thinking about starting a second blog myself, for faith-based essays on topics of current interest. You are a great example to us all! God Bless!


  2. So I’ll have another sis then 🙂 Happy for you! Keep up the faith! Knowing you more is a blessing and an inspiration. So are the rants ready to kick me off now? hahah! God bless your new blog. I just followed 😀

    Much love,



    • haha Joyce I love you! Your comments always make me smile. Thanks for the follow. The Other blog features me but more of another side of me. Still the same and still creative. Be blessed on my other journey of my mind. God is bringing some order to my blogging business. 😀


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