The March of the Unqualified – God can use anybody including YOU

Day 13 of 21 Day Daniel Fast – So I’m putting up Sunday’s videos of inspiration today since I may not have time to put it up tomorrow. The focus for this Sunday is to remember that we are all part of the Army of God and He is the one that chooses to use anyone and anything. We should learn not to easily disqualify ourselves when God doesn’t Call the “qualified”, He qualifies the Called. We were all created to worship Him so see Him as Lord over your Life and be obedient to His call for you in your Life. Don’t allow condemnation to rob you of  having a relationship with the Lord. You are Fearfully and wonderfully made. Remember that always. May this video encourage you as you continue in your 21 Day Daniel Fast. Stay Blessed everybody and have a wonderful Sunday!

Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

This song is a song I love that reminds me that If God can use anything, He can also use me who isn’t perfect and a continuous work in progress. It’s by Ron Kenoly and it’s called If You Can use Anything, Lord. Enjoy this song as it ministers to your spirit.

10 thoughts on “The March of the Unqualified – God can use anybody including YOU

    • Thanks Terra. Glad this inspired you. God is awesome and He is well able to use all of us to Glorify His name. Nothing to Big or small can stop the praise. Let everything that hath praise Praise the Lord! Stay blessed my Sista! 😀


  1. Amen! In man’s eye we are unqualified, but the BLOOD….that is what makes us qualified. Of all your post this is my favorite. Thank you Thank you and again Thank you for sharing this.


  2. In truth and in deed, WE are wonderfully made by HIM, the Almighty! You gonna argue with that? He gives us exactly the precise, exact gifts we need to complete the work He calls us to do. Remember Him giving Moses (the stutterer) Aaron to be his spokesman to the Pharoah?


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