The Forgiveness Project

Ok so I couldn’t help myself, but I have encountered a lot of people this month struggling to Forgive some people in their lives and I know it is difficult because their circumstances had serious offenses committed against them. Forgiveness is a difficult path but I would like to share an amazing link for those that have been struggling and it’s from the Forgiveness Project. It’s been a site of so many inspirational testimonies of those who battled with forgiveness…so many of these stories involve, Rape, sexual assault, WWII, Racism, murder, abuse, heinous crimes against humanity…and the list goes on. These stories aren’t the petty stealing from the jar type of forgiveness, they are actually quite harrowing and they can make you think about your own struggles with forgiveness.

Read the Story of Joseph in the Bible who was greatly offended by his brothers who had sold him into slavery and experienced great hardship as he was thrown into prison for a crime he did not commit. He had every reason to remain bitter, but he showed mercy and granted grace to his own family that was jealous of him because of his prophetic dreams of him ruling over his brothers and his family that were later fulfilled in order to save his family from starvation. Gods plan was to use Joseph to save his family in the future and they did not realize that was the purpose of those prophetic dreams because they were blinded with envy. Despite the wrongdoing and offenses of his family, Joseph managed to forgive them for all that they had done against Him with tears.

Forgiveness is painful, but achievable. You can Forgive!

Genesis 50:17
‘Thus you shall say to Joseph: “I beg you, please forgive the trespass of your brothers and their sin; for they did evil to you.”’ Now, please, forgive the trespass of the servants of the God of your father.” And Joseph wept when they spoke to him. [Emphasis added] Registered & Protected







Here is another inspirational video about Forgiveness.

14 thoughts on “The Forgiveness Project

  1. I Sherline,

    I have been struggling in this area for a while. So many seemed to walk out of my life, when I became ill, some family, some friends. It was a painful experience for me. Thank God, I recently had a breakthrough in this area, and I’m so grateful to God for that. Each time I read a post on forgiveness, I share this song. I hope you enjoy it. God bless!



    • The song is soo beautiful. Thank you for sharing Paulette. I think we all struggle with forgiveness in many points in our lives but through God, we can Forgive through the power of His Name, Jesus Christ. 😀


    • Sherline,

      Sorry about the typo at the beginning of my comment. I use a dictation device, and once in a while I’ll miss that what I said was written incorrectly. I was so focused on your name, because the dictation device does not spell your name correctly, ever! 🙂 I always have to edit it. When I overlook a typo, it really bugs me A LOT! So, whenever I overlook a typo, please feel free to fix it, if it bothers you. I will not be offended at all! I will be grateful, LOL! 🙂


  2. Thank you for this inspiring post. Of course we hear how important it is to forgive every day, but sometimes we all need a little reminder.
    I love that fellow commenters posted videos, so I’ll join in the fun. I found this on the Facebook page of Master Charles Cannon, the author of my favorite book on forgiveness, ‘Forgiving the Unforgivable’ ( Enjoy 🙂


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