Lecrae – I Am Second

Lecrae’s Testimony is so moving. I pray that it ministers to you this Sunday. He encountered things that made him question the lifestyle choices that weren’t leading him down the right path. He saw that he needed to change and found Christ as his answer. This proves that it doesn’t matter what you did in your past. What matters is what you do NOW to change your FUTURE. Check out Lecrae’s Testimony- Click on his video to hear it from his side of the story @ Lecrae – I Am Second.

image courtesy of http://www.iamsecond.com

9 thoughts on “Lecrae – I Am Second

  1. Thank You for sharing his story. I actually enjoyed reading it. it sad a lot of peeps go through life now a days just like day. My dad tell his story a lot. Im actually working on a poem about the reason behind my name. But my dad is a pastor. How GOD deal with him. He know how to reach you even when you don’t think you ready to serve him. Ty for sharing it.. God Bless U

    OOOO ic you figure how to post the post thing.. ima need your help.. lol


  2. I was thinking of doing a post about men taking back their rightful place and using that track to maintain momentum! The only thing is that 90% of my subscribers are women! So it kind of feels strange. They did it big on Tuesday 23rd. Met everyone and made sure that DJPDOGG, the DJ for the tour, knew about me. I didn’t know Lecrae was so much taller in real life!


    • Oh my Goodness, you are soooo lucky to see them!!!! I wish I was there *sniffle*. I think you should Go for it Tarisai. It doesn’t matter if 90% of subscribers are women, you’ll be getting males into it soon. Post by Faith and not by Sight my brotha! 😀


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