Surviving Summer



How does one survive the summer Heat???

I don’t know about you but summer is one of those times in the year where we start to gradually strip off the layers of post-winter clothing and get the bathing suits out.  Hopefully we can do all of that with much liberation but not to the full extent of running around in your birthday suit! Keep your gear strictly PG-13 thank you.

In Toronto, and probably most parts of the world in the northern hemisphere experience the type of heat that can be sweltering and unbearable, but there are ways to survive this hellish experience. Yes, there are things we can do to help us live through this hell with a few survival tips that I have compiled to make your summer safe and fun.

Sherline’s Summer survival kit:

1. Drink lots and lots of water. – I mean guzzle a tank into your system (ok not literally but you get my point right?) The idea is to keep hydrated since many of us lose soo much water.

2. Wear light loose fitting clothing. – Comfort is key here. White clothes reflect the sun while black/dark clothing absorbs heat so select light coloured cream type clothes. Linen and 100% cotton fibre is preferred but of course, use your discretion.

3. Stay cool at all times, – so if you don’t want to wrack up your hydro bill by using the air con, go to a mall that provides 24/7 air conditioning or go swimming to cool off provided that you are in a supervised facility or beach. Stay in a shaded area and always bring with you bottled water.

4. Do not drink caffeineated products   – such as tea & coffee or pop since caffeine is a type of duiretic, or if you are taking medication avoid duiretic drugs since they cause you to urinate a lot more thus causing you to lose body moisture. If you do need to take this medication, once again keep hydrated and drink lots of water.

5. Limit you exercise routines outdoors, – but if you absolutely need to work out, go to a gym that has air-conditioning in its facility. Do not engage in exercise outdoors during high humidex. This particular warning would apply heavily to those that suffer heart problems, respitory problems and asthmatics in particular.

6. Take cool or cold showers regularly – to cool down your body if you can’t swim.Summer Sunset Images

7.  Maintenance of vehicle -If you drive, ensure your a/c is working and keep your car shaded or in the garage. If it is parked outside, then shade it with u/v shade screens that you can purchase at Canadian Tire or any all automotive stores.

8. Sun screen for any shade of skin. You can be black or white or asian, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear sun-screen. UV rays have detrimental impacts on your epidermis so wear that on your birthday suit. Be sure to use the right SPF for your skin, however, I would recommend that you stay away from SPF higher that 90. They clog pores and you may have to re-apply with higher frequency. –that’s just based on word of mouth.

9. Wear UV sunglasses.  -Your eyes need protection too believe it or not. Do not under-estimate the power of UV rays and the Sun.

10. Wear breathable shoes or sandals. – Ensure that your feet are breathing to avoid over-sweating and athletes foot or heat rash.

11. Invest in a fan – or an oscilatting tower fan or a/c.

12. Men carry a towel – since you guys tend to sweat alot (no offense).

13. Please by all means, slap on some deo. For those that have scent issues, grab some scentless deo. Limit your sweating by refreshing yourself and keeping your sweating to a minimum. Wipe yourself down or carry wet wipes with you to keep clean.

14. Carpool or use regular transit – to limit smog advisories.

15. Limit your times to smoke for smokers that haven’t kicked the habit.

16. Eat lettuce based salads as a means of water retention since lettuce carries a lot of water in its leaves or as an alternative to my veggie hating friends – eat fruits such as cantaloupe or watermelon. The idea here is to get as much water into your system. Hydration Hydration Hydration!

17. Avoid sugary products as much as possible. They contribute to loss of water in your system.

18. Do not leave children or elderly people unattended/unsupervised  in a closed vehicle.

Now that you have Sherline’s tips that I have listed to name a few, here are some indicators to watch out for for those that experience heat illnesses or sickness during the summer. It is important to take precautionary measures to avoid getting sick during a heat wave and by doing so, you need to acknowledge some of the signs that indicate that someone is suffering. This list below is provided by an external website that has some good indicators for Heat illness for your FYI.

Signs of Heat illness or Sickness:

From the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

  • Profuse sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Thirst
  • Muscle cramps

Later Symptoms Include:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Weakness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Cool, moist skin
  • Dark urine

Symptoms of Heat Stroke Include:

  • Fever (temperature above 104 °F)
  • Irrational behavior
  • Extreme confusion
  • Dry, hot, and red skin
  • Rapid, shallow breathing
  • Rapid, weak pulse
  • Seizures
  • Unconsciousness

Read more:

All in all, keep safe this summer and make sure you have fun will keeping hydrated! Registered & Protected

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