Snake House in Idaho, the U.S. and its Radio Active Mishaps and Spider-Man is dead????


DO NOT BUY even if it's the last house on Earth!

Ok so here I come to blog on recent events and articles that interest me once again. The Snake House in Idaho Phenomenon is my first thing that I’d like to comment on. Who in their right mind would want to live in a house no matter how cheap, oh excuse me, I should

say “affordable” it is, when it’s constructed right above  a hibernaculum for garter snakes? Forget the fact that garter snakes aren’t poisonous persay, but they do release a “god-awful stentch” when they feel threatened by a predator. I feel sorry for the Sessions couple that had to leave their home after the husband Ben Sessions killed 46 in one day…. The Poor guy now suffers from what doctors call a “Snake-related PTSD”. I don’t know how one can sleep well at night with these slithery reptilians.

rexburg idaho snake house. The house was foreclosed upon

Say Cheese!

For your viewing pleasure here is the vid. Be fore-warned…if you hate snakes then don’t watch. That’s my disclaimer for the faint of heart.  

For More on this story click  here


Another story that got me going was the news in relation to the radio active leaks of the material Tritium in BRACEVILLE, Ill. For those that aren’t aware of what Tritium is, look it up for yourselves or click on the blue hyper linked word on my page.  It’s a highly radioactive material and it seems that 3 quarters of the U.S. starting from Illinois has radio active Tritium leaking from 48 of 68 nuclear sites.  Why do I find this disturbing? Well, think about it. Look at the Japan Tsunami disaster and how they handled the nuclear reactors that were failing after the floods had damaged the cooling systems. The Japanese learned a lot from this disaster and realise that there really should be proper mechanisms in place to avoid such disasters in future.

Canada has shown little to almost no concern for the nuclear sites that they have here even after considering how they witnessed Japan struggling to keep their own chaos under control with their reactor meltdowns. The U.S. is by far even worse for their response to handling their nuclear sites since they are willfully negligent at controlling or properly regulating their nuclear sites by having proper safety inspections and repairing the areas that need to be fixed in order to ensure that they meet safety standard requirements for each plant.

Instead, many of these Nuclear sites have been found to have safety issues in terms of regulating their hazzards and material waste by-products, but as long as a little radioactive spillage is within the confines and “boundaries” of so called “legal quantities and/or parameters” that are measured to pose no health risk, it’s ok, keep on spilling *notice my sarcasm*.

This is what I have issues with…trace amounts of Tritium doesn’t affect us if we are exposed to it externally; however, if it is injested via food or water into our body, be sure that you’ll have health problems to face later on and cancer will be the main issue of concern here.

Now for my complain rant: I’m sorry…but a little radioactivity is a little too much for me. I don’t care that radioactive trace amounts of water won’t affect me “that much” after injesting it once and will supposedly leave my body after 14 days when all I want to drink is radioactive-free water. If you drink the same contaminated water over a period of months or even years, who’s to say what the after-effects may be? I’m sure some people are slowly being poisoned and aren’t even aware of it just yet.

This is why I’m making a big broo haha about it. Maybe I’m a little melodramatic but I don’t think that any one should have to put up with that crap. Also, this contaminated water is reaching over 200,000 people in the US and gradually, I think over-time my generation or the next will suffer major health consequences to this industrial-disastar. Can’t the US even learn from Chernobyl????

Even though I don’t personally live in the US (I live in Canada), I think that Canada is like an apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree. If “Big Brother” is ignoring the nuclear contamination issue then it makes me wonder what we’re doing about regulating our own plants???? Supposedly our nuclear plants are “Safe” but if you believe everything that corporations and federal regulators tell you just to appease you and make you sleep well at night, then be my guest and eat up the words if you so easily believe them. My thing is that, I don’t believe everything I read without properly considering all possible explanations. Not to say that I’m immune to being swallowed by propogandarous news, but it’s better to live and read news as a critic than gobbling everything up and concluding that what you’ve read is actual “fact”.

The whole Tritium thing and the negligence displayed by US federal regulators have proven to me anyway how considerably corrupt they can be since it seems that there is evidence that they have  been extending further licences to open up more of these poorly regulated Nuclear sites.  This is a crime in my books, an environmental and ecological crime; a societal disaster if you will.  I just hope that the US recognizes that they can’t really criticize other nations on how they handle their nuclear disastors if they can’t even control what’s going on in their own back yard. ‘They must serious consider the near-future ramifications of remaining willfully blind to these leaks which are slowly contaminating our water resources. ‘Nuff said about that, NEXT!

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 Ok, so I’m a bit confused. I read in an article yesterday that Marvel has killed off the most well known Character that I grew up with in its final 160th  issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man Series. It’s in stores today (Wednesday, June 22,2011).

My Question is WHY!!!!!!!??????????? If you’re not a superhero marvel loving reader than skip this part of my blah blah blah from my blog. I just have to say that though they’ve killed Peter, have no fear becase he still lives in Marvel’s the Amazing Spider-Man series. *Phew*, breathe a sigh of relief.  Ok, so I think you can garner my confusion. You kill Peter Parker in one series and yet he is basically a “God” in the other series. Don’t get this whole thing messed up for fans, that’s all I’m saying. It can be confusing to read about your superhero dying in one comic and then seeing new releases of him saving the world from chaos in another comic. I just thought that the whole thing was weird. Click the link below if you want to read the story.

For more on this click here

Well that’s the end of my shout out for the day. Registered & Protected

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