The Benefits of Volunteering

I have become accustomed to just resorting to living my everyday life in an ongoing cycle of waking up, having a shower, going to work, come back, eat, watch tv and sleep. It’s a continuous never-ending cycle in which I find that I need to break away from.

I found that my answer was going outside the cycle and adding more to my life than being an ordinary worker in the workforce. I then decided that this year (2011) I will change. I will volunteer more to do what I don’t typically sign up for.

The Benefits of volunteering for me has been that It stops me from reliving my never ending cycle of the busy-ness of life. I love my work but it can’t possibly be all that there is for me to do in life. I need a change and so I signed myself up to volunteer at a theatre and an arts festival, plus I also sing in my church choir. I have found that my experiences have allowed me to:

(1) establish and build new relationships and networks ;

(2) learn new ways of doing things and participating in activities that are outside my comfort zone;

(3) I have come to realize that volunteering reaps an emotional reward in that you are part of something bigger as a group aiming to create something wonderful with the events that we prepare for others to enjoy;

(4) I acknowledge that this will also look great on my resume even though that isn’t my intended purpose for volunteering;

(5) I also get an understanding of what it means to serve my community;and

(6) I get to do something new and enjoy doing it.

The main point is that we have many hours in the day that could be put to better use that volunteering your time can help serve a greater purpose within your community in which you live. I began to realize last year that I too, sometimes fill my leisure hours with activities that could have been  put to better use for important opportunities that are geared to help others, organizations, or for some other type of constructive activity. However, I confess that I sometimes end up being a little bit too lazy and complacent to care to do anything for others. Call it what it is….in short…”Selfish”.

Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do and it brings a balance in your life emotionally when you stretch out your hand to do the beyond. For those of us that would like to volunteer but don’t know where or how to begin. I recommend this site as a starting point for your community.

I am not posing as an official advocate to volunteering but I will advocate to peronal change. Change yourself by changing the lives of others. If you’re not part of the solution to the social goings ons in the world then you are part of the problem. Volunteer in your community to worthy causes and be a solution to a problem instead of being part of the problem. Drive and strive for positive change.

This is my thought for the day. Registered & Protected

5 thoughts on “The Benefits of Volunteering

  1. Yes, volunteering is a great way to do go outside the norm, increase your capacity as a person to give more of yourself to a worthy cause that you yourself believe in. Doing things that will benefit the society you live in and to personally become a better person character wise!


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